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A Trial Attorney Who Fights For You! C.T. Wilson is a Maryland State Politician and senior partner of C. T. Wilson Lawyers LLC. Mr. Wilson is dedicated to achieving justice for his clients while serving his community. Schedule a free consultation

Ethics of Our Law Firm

It is very important for the attorney to represent their clients zealously within the boundaries of the law. We know that you do not hire an attorney to merely work things out or negotiate. Sometimes you need a fighter in your corner. We are the ones who will fight for you.

The Law Offices of C.T. Wilson has a client-oriented approach. We keep our clients’ requirements at the top of our priority list. We have paralegals to keep them informed about their case. Our attorneys will discuss all the important issues beforehand to make things easier for the clients. We know that your case, no matter how common to us, may be the important things you will face.

We understand that it is very important for the client to trust their attorney. We want you to return to our firm when you need assistance of any kind! It is our job to maintain the attorney-client confidentiality and make you feel comfortable and safe when disclosing information to us. Even if you do not hire our firm, your information remains confidential

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Legal battles can be harrowing.  Courtrooms can be scary.  Judges can be intimidating.  That’s where we come in. We believe in delivering quality service and litigation experience to our clients. Our team consists of the most experienced and competent professionals who focus on providing legal solutions to our clients. We understand that the path to justice can be winding and treacherous, and we try to make it as easy as possible for our clients.


“If peace comes, we are happy. If war comes, we are ready.”

– CT

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Efficiency and Trust
All the lawyers in our team are very efficient in their fields. They are very experienced in case management, litigation and developing a trustworthy relationship between with the client.


Results You Deserve
We understand the importance of justice for you. Our attorneys work diligently to get you the result you deserve. While our reputation as experienced attorneys will bring you to our firm, it is our courtroom fighting skills that will keep you satisfied.


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